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Is Kitesurfing Dangerous?

Is Kitesurfing Dangerous?

Incredibly normally when I want to share my enthusiasm and exhilaration for kitesurfing with my function colleagues and other acquaintances, I am greeted with puzzled, terrified appears, some pity (weak soul, he would not know what he is performing) and the everlasting question: usually are not you fearful that you are going to die? Isn’t kitesurfing a harmful activity? Only crazy people do it! Then, to fortify their argument, they mail me YouTube movies displaying crash compilations, or fish the net for serious incidents and horror stories. My sister can not bear the even though of me performing it, though my mum barely tolerates it, and says, with a realizing smile: “Effectively… if it helps make you satisfied… “.

I operate as a Health and Protection Skilled and, by definition, my career requires that I carry out a hazard assessment and get ready a technique statement for quite a lot every single activity that is carried out in my operate location. Absolutely, a man or woman that will make a dwelling from telling people today what is safe and sound and what is not, should really not interact in such ridiculous and harmful extracurricular things to do, like kitesurfing. Maybe it would be safer to just sit on the sofa and enjoy the other ‘crazy’ folks executing it. Oh, definitely?

So, is kitesurfing definitely an intense, risky action?

The straightforward remedy to that is that kitesurfing is only as risky as you make it. Just like a puppy is only dangerous if it has obtained the wrong education, so kitesurfing is only hazardous if finished with the mistaken brain established and erroneous attitude.

Mistaken way of thinking is to have a few beverages then head to the seashore and connect you to a 12m kite in 25knots winds blowing offshore… then attempt to do some tricks just like the other man was doing when you had been looking at it from the bar… How tough can it be, eh?

The correct mindset is, of program to head above to the beach and go straight to the kite centre, technique a licensed college and get the appropriate schooling. Throughout that education, carried out by a expert, accredited kitesurfing instructor, you will be educated in a lot of security facets, and many potential risks will be highlighted, alongside with greatest practices on how to avoid individuals risks and how to proficiently take care of all residual risks. You will find out how to assess wind and drinking water disorders, entry and exit points, learn about suitable of way (who has priority on the drinking water), find out how to start off and land a kite, understand how to h2o start out and how to human body drag and, if required self-rescue. All through your accredited kitesurfing training course, you will find out how to navigate a kite in a controlled way, and what to do if items never go in accordance to approach. You will also study how to ride on the board and how to rescue your board if you eliminate it. You will understand all the kitesurfing basics, and these basic principles will provide you as a wonderful basis as you development in your kitesurfing, even following you stopped taking courses.

But, possibly even much more importantly, you will understand to respect the sport, you will understand that if finished properly it is neither extreme, nor dangerous at all. You will find out how to examine and be in tune with mother nature, study how to be fully cost-free and how to discover equally tranquillity and journey at the exact same time. You will be inspired to journey to places that you’ve under no circumstances listened to about ahead of and meet up with persons that you never although existed. You will master to fly… really basically. Existence will in no way be the same once again, since, as soon as you have expanded your head and your horizon, there is no way back.

So sure, kitesurfing is risky. It is risky for people that come across it safe and sound to continue to be on the sofa and label just about every no cost spirit outrageous. But you are not that person. You know that the actual danger is currently being concerned to attempt… as it may well improve you for good.

See you on the water, my friend. Let us experience collectively…