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Expired Domain Gains – Some Simple Tips to Monetize Your Domains

Expired Domain Gains – Some Simple Tips to Monetize Your Domains

For all domain traders, the most important goal is to monetize their expired domains to create sizable online income. In fact, the big buck lies in how you flip and empower your expired domains. Domain traders also understand and accept the reality that a large inventory of expired domains is a wasteful expenditure and wastage of time. The real money lies in how you enable your domains as viable commercial units and not in maintaining them by spending lot of invaluable cash. You will need to look for ways and methods that can limit wasteful expenditure, while you are holding on to the domains. Here are some of the simple and effective techniques that will help you monetize your domains:

Using technique of creating type-in type of traffic: The most precious thing with an expired domain is the existence of type-in type of traffic. In essence, an expired domain based on a great keyword will receive plenty of type-in type of traffic. An intelligent domain trader will ensure that he or she will place the expired domain on a beneficial PPC program just to utilize or exploit the accumulated type-in type of traffic. There are domain traders who make more than $500 with a single top and premium expired domain! This is a better way of flipping your domain, instead of just holding on to a domain. Once you add enough value to a good type-in type of domain, you can consider selling it at a premium price. A type-in type of expired domain can help you recover all overhead expenses incurred in maintaining and managing expired domains.

Using advantages of parked domains: A number of service providers allow you to utilize the services of domain parking by adding useful content and promotional banners over a simple web page. When you display a well designed landing page, you can milk all the positive benefits of domain parking to their maximum possible extent. However, you will need to try out a number of different combinations of promotions and advertisements to derive the best possible returns. Different domain traders use different types of methods and promotions to float their parking pages. Most of the parking agencies provide you simple default type of landing page that may not be really efficient to derive the best results.

Redirecting traffic from a parked page to your web site: If you own a full-pledged web portal, then you can use the power of parked pages to import additional traffic to it. This simple action will allow you to monetize your web portal with additional income as well. What you need to do is to simply redirect the traffic from your parked pages to the web portal.

Using Web 2.0 community: One of the newest trends in expired domain industry is to use the positive benefits of Web 2.0 community to advertise your domains. When you convert your expired domains with traffic into useful Web 2.0 community, you can supplement the value of your expired domains.

There are several other ways and means that can help you monetize your list of expired domain names. You may need to assess and evaluate each one of them before using them to monetize your domains.