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An Exit Strategy Way of thinking – A Case Examine On Picking out “Fantastic” Vs “Terrible” New Organization Ventures

An Exit Strategy Way of thinking – A Case Examine On Picking out “Fantastic” Vs “Terrible” New Organization Ventures


The crafting of an exit technique for a business and the harvesting thereof is the ultimate evaluate of achievement for business people. This method begins when business people decide on new ventures (to create or to begin from scratch). These decisions can either be superior or terrible as far as harvesting potential are concerned.

Around additional than a decade Ventex Company advised and assisted businesses with their exit methods. This scenario analyze highlights several “great” vs. “poor” ventures in this regard that we consulted to. Contrasting corporations are mentioned below some of the critical facets of choosing the proper undertaking with an exit system mindset. These vital elements are:

  1. The window of opportunity.
  2. Match of entrepreneurs’ profile with possibility.
  3. The economics of the company.
  4. Competitive edge attained.
  5. Harvesting dynamics.

The Window of Opportunity

The timing of an exit technique wants to be meticulously planned. Ideally entrepreneurs need to embark on new ventures when a window of chance starts off to open up up and harvest it when the window of option is continue to broad open. The IT industry and certain the dot.com bubble that burst is very well-known in this regard.

Two of our purchasers in the cellular marketplace are exceptional contrasting examples of timing. Cellular Great embarked on a unique area of interest spot in the pre-paid voucher market place just when the window of chance started off to open up. The corporation rapidly grew into pretty a power and was purchased inside of 18 months for a price-to-earnings ratio of 12 centered on its serial income and projected development.

Mobile Bad embarked on the equivalent area of interest region, but only a whilst after Cellular Excellent was offered. The organization grew reasonably fast, but when they want to harvest the window of option was closing down rapidly. Eventually they sold the corporation for only the net asset price to a main player (who basically purchased the consumer list to whom they want to offer other goods).

Match of Entrepreneurs’ Profile with Option

Business people have to have to assure not only that a serious possibility exists, but also that there is a suit amongst their profile and the prospect. They need to have to have the proper attitude, skills and danger profile to match the specifications of the alternatives.

Two of our customers in the support station market (fuel and food stuff courtroom) spotlight the reality that passion for an sector and determination to it are critical for the achievements of the enterprise. Station Bad acquired a enterprise in a residential location when the area was booming. The entrepreneurs did very perfectly in the beginning, but before long lost fascination and turnover declined substantially. They last but not least sold the organization after four decades to Station Fantastic for a small income.

The entrepreneurs in Station Fantastic experienced a authentic passion for the business and they place all their electricity into the enterprise. The small business grew enormously and just after 30 months they marketed it for much more than twice the invest in value.

The Economics of the Business

Seem economics are very important for any new venture. This includes things this kind of as measurement, financial gain margins, break-even details, capital needs and return on expenditure. Entrepreneurs need to meticulously evaluate any new undertaking in this regard. If the economics are not sound the small business has a little chance of surviving and even considerably less prospect of becoming harvested.

Two of our purchasers embarked on ventures in very similar industries (agro-linked), but with distinctive niche marketplaces. Agro Lousy started out a new enterprise in a crowded current market and could only obtain an ordinary gross profit of 18%. Because of to the depth of competition their expense of doing enterprise was quite higher and they only achieved a internet gain of 1.5%.Agro Fantastic was recognized in a significantly fewer crowded market. The business did their business enterprise with out creating too a great deal waves. Their gross profit margins had been shut to 28% with a web margin that averaged out at 14%. This firm is at the moment value far more than ten periods as a great deal as Firm Undesirable (with equivalent turnovers) and it is also less difficult to harvest.

Competitive Edge Reached

Entrepreneurs need to have to make certain that they can reach a competitive edge in any new enterprise if they want to make cash and have an exit system in mind. This can for instance be realized by means of proprietary products and solutions, know-how, economies of scale, associations and devices.

Two of our customers in the IT sector brought unique choices to their clientele. IT Great experienced specialised knowledge on computer system networks and sole distribution rights for particular products in the geographic space where by they operated. They grew their income at 37% cumulative for each calendar year around the final 7 many years and grew to become a key player in the area and are now in higher need by intercontinental corporations.

IT Lousy began out the exact time, but except for good services and the appropriate to market particular solutions (not solely) they had no competitive edge. They grew their earnings at a excellent 11% per yr cumulatively over the past 7 decades. Seven yrs ago each providers ended up about the very same sizing. The turnover of IT Great currently is much more than 4 moments that of IT Bad and the worth of the firm is about eight instances that of IT Lousy.

Harvesting Dynamics

The integral dynamics of a small business and its marketplace ought to be audio for great harvesting potential to exist. The tendencies in the industry, the kind of organization, the sustainability of the profits and the cashflows are some of the factors that need to be regarded as by the business people.

Two of our shoppers in the instruction business exhibit the worth of separating the entrepreneur from the business enterprise. Instruction Bad is in organization for 15 yrs. They give tailored coaching for multi-nationals. They are properly-sought immediately after in this industry but they generally get the job done from deal to agreement. The company tried out to offer shares and also attempted to convey an equity partner in, but without the need of any achievement. The reason for this is that the would-be buyers experience that the business is to closely joined to the house owners (aging) and their awareness.Training Very good is in business enterprise for 12 years. They also provide custom-made education, but in addition to it they have lots of well-packaged schooling classes that are presented underneath license by many facilitators. This company has a number of outside the house shareholders that purchased into the firm. A key stated enterprise a short while ago also purchased a sizeable fairness stake in the enterprise.


Quite a few men and women see business people, that are prosperous in harvesting their business enterprise, as fortunate. Although luck can enjoy a smaller aspect in it, the major components are the important methods (e.g. cash and persons), detailed organizing, good execution and tricky operate.

To greatly enhance the probability of a profitable exit system business people will need to examine and choose a new enterprise with the utmost care.

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